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Firstly, thank you for visiting my website! It’s my first attempt at my own website so it will be work in progress! Secondly, I’m sure you’re wondering how to pronounce my surname. It sounds like “Cheerch” or “Church”. My husband’s parents are Hungarian and were refugees fleeing the Russian invasion in 1956. My parents grew up in Shaftesbury, North Dorset and lived in a farming community.

I grew up in Maidenhead in Berkshire and had a full time commercial career in business consulting for 14 years, working for Brillo, ICI and National Grid. I then decided that I wanted to work in Animal Welfare! So I packed in a good job and undertook a National Diploma in Animal Care for 2 years; studying, sheering sheep, mucking out horses, feeding reptiles, helping at a vets and dog grooming before joining the RSPCA as a Branch Development Adviser for the National Society. My job was to advise groups of volunteers across Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Hertfordshire how to successfully (and legally!) run a Branch to help the RSPCA Inspectors and increase animal welfare in their area. After a 16 year career with the RSPCA I completed a Degree in Art and Design in 2015 at Oxford Brookes University, during which time I met my husband, Gilbert at a Craft Fair in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire. We moved to Devon in 2020 after a number of life changing situations made us re-evaluate what we wanted for our future, however long that is! To this end, we have set up a Studio in our garden in Westward Ho! Gilbert paints one end and I sculpt the other end.

My animal sculptures come from my love of animals and are adorned with a metallic or gold finish to indicate how animals should be seen as a gift and not a right.  My work often includes “kintsugi” and “wabi-sabi” (the Japanese art of embracing flaws and imperfections).  This, and wire wrapping, stems from years of working to repair the many animals that were rescued during my career in the RSPCA. 

Another area of my work explores how we deal with life’s changes. Some changes you want, some, you don’t! Having changed by career 3 times and where I live several times, it fascinates me how change isn’t always a bad thing. My favourite mediums are ceramics, metal and glass because they change form when pressures of heat or physical manipulation are applied. 

You can see more of my work at my studio in Westward Ho! @Studioheadlands I have also exhibited in Westward Ho and Bideford Art Society’s 100th Anniversary Exhibition at The Burton, West Country Crafters shop in Merry Harriers Garden Centre, Woolsery, North Devon. I have exhibited in Oxfordshire and Warwickshire; at the Heseltine Gallery, Banbury Museum, Church Lane Gallery, The Old Town Deli Cafe and Leamington Spa Jephson Gardens.  Latterly winning the Judges Award for my slumped glass “Captured Memories” wrapped in metal and string.

Thank you and do take a look at my “socials”!

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